Our Student Leaders

Our Student Leaders are developing their skills in community service. 

We want to help our local community by supporting environmental and social community groups.


The team works with the Thames/Coromandel District Council. We have begun a beach cleaning and dune planting projects and are  raising seedlings for future projects through Trees for Survival. We are planting out local  We love our beach and want to help keep it rubbish free!


Our Head students represent us at the Pauanui Anzac Day service and speak on our behalf. 


The team have begun to help out at fundraising events.


We run regular class hui and involve our classes in decision making and all school events.

T.C.D.C Beach Clean

Dune Cleaning

In groups of two, the team carefully move over the dunes, stepping between newly planted vegetation. 

Recycling Sorting

We sort out rubbish and then recycle what we can.

Our Finds

Beer Bottles

Beer Cans




Chocolate bar wrappers



Items of value, we hand in to the Police.