Hikuai School Board of Trustees

We are incredibly fortunate to have a committed group of parents on our Board of Trustees. Our Board of trustees provides strategic leadership and direction to our school. The board works in partnership with our community, principal, teachers, support staff, and the government to ensure the best possible outcomes for all our students. Our Trustees encourage parental involvement in the school system whenever and wherever possible.

Stacey lee Clarke - Presiding Member- Parent Representative bot.chair@hikuai.school.nz

Rachell leitch- Principal - principal@hikuai.school.nz

Mark Thomson - Staff Representative-mark@hikuai.school.nz

Damian Johansen - Property- Parent- Co-opted member for 2022-2023 damianbot@hikuai.school.nz

Sarah Drum - Grants and Policy- Parent Representative- sarahbot@hikuai.school.nz

Emily Ratcliffe- Education- Parent Representative- emilybot@hikuai.school.nz

Chad Ffowcs-Williams- Finance-Parent Representative-chadbot@hikuai.school.nz

BOT Meeting Minutes

21 November 22 Minutes-2.pdf
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October 22 Minutes.pdf
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