Our TOTARA Values

At Hikuai School the staff and students alike continually strive to live by our TOTARA values.





Pupils who demonstrate these values are recognised by teachers and their peers and receive a 'Tōtara Ticket'. The student's name is written on it as well as the value they have demonstrated. The student then places the leaf on the TŌTARA Tree in the school foyer. The pupil who has received the most Tōtara Tickets at the end of each 5 week block is awarded the Tōtara Cup at our School Assembly. The student who earns the most Tōtara Tickets over the course of the school year has their name engraved on the the cup and is presented it at our end of year prize giving.


The Tōtara Cup and associated values are an important part of our school life and help us strive towards our pinnacle. 

Our 2023 TŌTARA Students

Term One

Well done Cassidy! You really put in the effort and should be proud of all that you achieved!

Congratulations to Chloe who worked so hard in the 2nd half of the term!

Term Two

Congratulations to Trinity! So helpful and kind. A great job being a leader this term!

Term Three


Term Four