Our Team

Inspired teachers develop inspired children. Hikuai School is proud to have a team of passionate, enthusiastic and dedicated teachers leading the way in the classroom, along with a skilled support staff team.

Hikuai School Teaching Staff

Rachell Leitch



Senior School Teacher

Te Maunga (the mountain)- Years 5-8 Reading and Maths 9:00-10:30.

Mark Thomson

Middle and Senior School Teacher

Te Awa - Years 3-4 

Te Maunga- Years 5-8 

Laura Van Leeuwen

Junior School Teacher

Te Wahapū -Years 0,1 & 2



Hikuai School Support Staff

Michelle McEwan - School Office Administrator



 Theresa MacKenzie - Teacher Aide

 Darryl Manssen- School Cleaning, Handyman and acting groundsman.


 Pop Taipari - School Groundsman