Stepping Stones to Hikuai School

Kia Ora from Whaea Laura and the children of Te Wahapū.


The Stepping Stones to Hikuai School is an invitation to all 4 year olds to come and visit us and see us in action every Friday morning between 9am and 11am - make sure you're accompanied by an adult though! You'll be able to join in classroom activities and enjoy playtime, have a look around the school and meet the other teachers. We look forward to meeting you and your family.



Things to look for:

  • Songs - Is your child joining in, tapping fee, moving with the music?
  • Instructions - Is your child able to follow directions and instructions without help?
  • Participation - Is your child able to join in a game, share equipment and take turns?
  • Communication - Can your child express their needs? E.g. I need the toilet, I'm thirsty.

These are all important skills your child can develop/practice when they come to school on a Friday morning, ensuring a smooth transition from preschool to school when the BIG DAY arrives.