Totara Student - Sophie

The Totara Student is

Trustworthy - Organized - Thoughtful - Aware - Respecful (and resilient)  - Ambitious


In 2015 each letter within the word Totara will be aligned with a principle or principles that we deem to be core as to who we are at Hikuai School. When a parent or guest walks into Hikuai School we want them to see these principles and values embedded in the actions, interactions, thoughts and conversations of students and staff alike. We want them to be able to see that at Hikuai School we don’t just pay lip service to these principles and values but we actually walk the walk and talk the talk.


With the above clearly in mind, in 2015 and onwards the ‘Totara Student’ will be the student who has reflected these principles and values the most over the fortnight within their classroom and within the playground and will be rewarded for their dedication to our school and its values and principles. 

The Totara Student  is:

  • Trustworthy
  • Organized
  • Thoughtful
  • Ambitious
  • Respectful & resilient
  • Aware

Student Leadership Team Term 4 (click pic)

We are exceedingly happy to congratulate Donelle and Phonenix  (and Matt who is absent) to their position as school and student leaders for Term 3. This is a great representation of the houses at Hikuai School too.

Parent And Teacher Calendar App

We are very happy to announce a new way to communicate with you! Please read below and then download the application onto your phone.

Kia Ora community

Shortly we will be welcoming the children back to school for what is going to be a very busy term three.

As a school we always have multiple goals in regard to the way we work and communicate. One of these goals is to align ourselves with digital technologies whilst another goal is to always be as efficient and precise with communication as we can.

With these two goals in mind I am extremely happy to announce the arrival of the “Hikuai School Parent and Teacher Calendar App”. This app contains the following:

  • A calendar of all school events.
  • An absentee function which allows you to email or phone the school directly
  • A list of  school contacts
  • Information about the school
  • A soon to be added maps showing the location of the school

I strongly urge you to download this app as the school calendar function in particular will be an important facet of communication from the school to the wider community and events will be added when they are finalized and/or confirmed.

(If you already have the app remember to refresh it regularly as we are always updating it with important school information)

You can download the app for

Android phones at

iPhones at


With the app in place we will be eliminating school newsletters on even weeks (assembly weeks). The School newsletter will now be created by each class on a rotational basis and is designed to give you a more in-depth insight into events within that class but across the school also.

There is also a really good opportunity for businesses in the community to advertise on the app and the apps creator are very much committed to giving that opportunity to local businesses first to do so.

If you have any questions or run into any problems please email me at and I will forward them onto the app manager for a quick and timely response.

Thanks for enjoying the digital technologies ride with us here at Hikuai and we look forward to other planned additions to our very own unique digital environment in the near future.

Kind regards

Tikuai - Netball Champions

An undefeated season for our champions. Well done girls.

Chair Chat

I will be using this newsletter to ensure the parent body are kept abreast of matters relating to the governance of the school.  The school newsletter remains your key communication for day-to-day happenings and upcoming events.  Regards, Mark

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From the Principals Desk Week 5 T3

Kia Ora Hikuai School Community

Please enjoy your glimpse into life in Room 4 in this week’s newsletter.


Mr Stodart and his crew of geniuses are always busy at work and much learning is always afoot. Mr Stodart himself is an incredibly talented and passionate teacher. He consistently encourages and inspires his students to be in the 2% of the population that step outside of their comfort zone and take risks with their learning. Students in Room 4 know that it’s okay to make mistakes because Mr Stodart inspires them to be courageous in their learning.

Picture here


The main focus over the last week has been the Cross Country and what a success it was! A real course for real kids who all had real fun  (and very sore muscles) – and that is precisely what their education should be, FUN! I would like to thank every Hikuai parent and supporter, and every Pauanui Pre School parent and supporter who came and were involved in it . Without your continued and unrelenting support for our children this would not have been the unmitigated success that it was. If you want to see pictures of the event please go to our Facebook page, there are more to come as well.


Noho Ora Mai

Jared Stein

Hikuai School Principal

Tu Ake Tu Kaha – Stand Tall Stand Strong

Tikuai - Netball Champions

An undefeated season for our champions. Well done girls.

From the Principals Desk Week 3 T3

Best Junior Class and teacher Ever & School Cross Country.

Kia Ora Hikuai School community

Firstly I’d like to thank Room 3 for all their work in this week’s newsletter. We are extremely proud of the quality of education that our students receive in Room 3. Anne Hunter is truly peerless in her passion for her children’s education and you will simply not find a better junior school educator. So Room 3 and Mrs Hunter we thank you for showing us this insight into your classroom life.

At Hikuai we believe that that it is essential that we give our student experiences that reflect the real world and so it is with our sports events too. If you want to run a cross country - where do you run it? On a beach? No way that’s not real life. You run it in the hills. In the hills, in the dirt and exposed to the elements. So on the afternoon of the 18th of August we run our cross country on the Dall’s property just up from Hikuai School and are looking forward to being muddy and exhausted!

Enjoy the newsletter! Noho Ora Mai

Jared Stein

Hikuai School Principal

Stand Tall Stand Strong – Tu Ake Tu Kaha

Passion Based Learning - PDF

Poweful and pasionate learning is more than just a series of lesson, a coverage of standards or the completion of projects. Learning that lasts; learning tha sticks is an experience.

Open the pdf to find out more about how passion is driving the learning in Room 5.

Genius Time - How it Works in Room 5

Attached is a Powerpoint presentation for students and parents informing you of how Genius Time is being implemented in Room 5.

Room 5 Blogging List

A list of blogs Room 5 is using for their learning.

Writing Blog -

Blue Group reading Blog -

Green Group reading Blog -

Red Group reading Blog -

Extension Activity Blog -

Habitudes in the Classroom

The 21st century world needs learners to BE critical, BE creative, and BE strategic. The 21st century world demands learners to DO their own thinking, rather than relying on someone else to think for them. The 21st century world expects learners to HAVE the endurance, fortitude, and courage to brave through each new challenge with confidence and competence.

Read the attched PDF document to find out more about the habitudes that Room 5 are using to release the genius that is inside them all.


The foundations of Room 5 learning are the Habitudes - a combination of a set of disciplined habits and battle ready attitude! Check it the YouTube clip.

The Basic of Genius Time

Room 5 are embarking on a new way of learning. Genius Time is the end product of "Passion Based Learning."

Room 5 Genius Time Blogs

Hi Room 5. You will find here a list of all your blogs for Genious Time

Genius Time Blogs




Aria –

Sophie –

Logan –

Rebecca -

Donelle –

Grace –

Dannielle –

Rory -

Matthew Flooks -

Oliver -

Matt -

Axle -

Kiara -

Liam -

Jared -  for all information regarding Genius Time

Paragraphing - R5

A reminder if required.

From the Principals Desk Week 1 T3

Kia Ora parents and the Hikuai School Community

Welcome all to the start of term 3! 

This week’s newsletter will be an abbreviated version as I simply want to introduce something new and keep you informed of when newsletters will be coming out.

  • By now you would all have received an email regarding our Hikuai School Parent and Teacher Calendar Application for Smart Phones (both android and iPhones). We would encourage you to download this application as soon as possible if you have the facility as it will become a primary way of communicating to you events that are happening at the school and dates that are important. Our goal is to give you as much information in a timely manner as we can so that you can plan accordingly in advance - if you haven’t noticed we’ve already published our 2016 term dates on the application.

If you still need to download the app please go to and download for android or iOS and follow the prompts.

One thing to note is that when you tap on the red dot in the calendar (or if you have it in list view) you get more detailed information about the event.

  • With the app in place we will no longer be publishing newsletters on even weeks (assembly weeks) and on odd weeks each class will be taking responsibility for content of the newsletters on a rotational basis. This way we don’t bombard you with too much information (that’s now on the app) and you get to have a more intimate insight into school life through the lens of the children when its each classes turn to publish.
  • The school website is still a good source of information too with events and news still being published on that as well.

We’re looking forward to some very exciting events this term and we encourage you to come to as many as you can and share the goof times with the kids.

My door is always open, and I am but a phone call or email away if you need to discuss anything that’s on your mind about the school and the education of your child.

Noho Ora Mai

Jared Stein

Hikuai School Principal

Stand Tall Stand Strong – Tu Ake Tu Kaha