1.      Apologies


2.      Welcome : to interested future Board members and guests


3.      Declarations of interest


4.      Minutes to ratify: BOT Full Meeting  23 March 2020


5.      Board decisions taken outside meeting to be ratified:


·         Decision to follow Julia's suggested election timetable with an election date of 3 July 2020 (Proposed: Mark, Seconded :Claire)

·         Decision to appoint Rachel Barnett as Returning Officer for BoT Election (Proposed: Mark, Seconded: Claire)

·         Decision to accept Onion's quote for repairing sink hole after requesting comparative quote (Proposed: Sarah, Seconded: Claire)


6.      Board annual work plan:








Reviewed in Principal's report

Progress  towards strategic  aims



Student progress  & achievement


Review next meeting


Self-audit 1-3

Review next meeting






Review next meeting


Monitor monthly report


School's evaluative indicators



CoL/Kahui Ako


Principal's report / Kahui Ako newsletter

Emergent review



Policy review



Board process requirement

Annual Report to be approved and sent to MoE by 31 May



Self-directed learning



1.      Principal's report:

a) Curriculum 2020: whanau hui was cancelled, so information to be shared with whanau via a newsletter instead

b) PLD for Anne and Amira this term, plus a PLD day around reading and writing progressions and Mark will attend next CoL meeting on 12 June at Coromandel Area School

c) Mid-year reporting will take place, and staff are working on assessments now

d) Property projects: Working with MoE Property Advisor to identify projects by 31 May for $50K SIP funding. Projects will include; LED lighting, replacement of pool pump and upgrade of playgrounds with assistance from Menz Shed



2.      Admin Report:

             a) Countdown 'Growing for Good' grant, organised by Rachel, has been paid this week ($870).


3.      School House:

a) Refer Sarah's report

b) Tenancy ended earlier than the Tenancy Agreement-required notice period, at tenant's request

c) Remedial works to start on Monday 25 May, other works to be notified and prioritised

d) House is old and in poor state. A working bee would be good to give it a tidy up and possibly a paint (external and internal)

e) Considerations for next tenancy

f) Update on Tenancy Tribunal issue from a previous tenant


4.      School Policies Update:

a) All policies not in Governance Framework to be reviewed and updated this year (eg Theft & Fraud policy is incomplete).  Possibility to co-opt someone to the Board for this?

b) School minivan policy to be updated to state principal aim is transporting children. It is not a courtesy vehicle or to be used for other purposes without Board consent

c) Use of school facilites out of hours policy to be updated to expressly forbid overnight stays as this contravenes MoE fire regulations


5.      Fundraising:

             a) Budget shows we need to try to fundraise $14K this year

b) NZ Nature Serum: need to confirm timeframe and agree fundraising project

c) Hunting competition – to be rescheduled?

d) Other events?


6.      ICT:

              a) See Principal's report

b) Ensure new chargers, batteries etc are obtained for laptops as previously agreed and approved but not actioned


7.      Finance:

             a) See Principal's report

b) Unauthorised desk purchases for Room 5 are unsuitable – try to sell? Explore option of desks from Puriri School?

c) Mr Hawke bought the PA system from the school and this will be removed from our aasset register. We may need to purchase a replacement system.  Maybe Joe can investigate?

d) Receipts and payments for March and April 2020

e) Financial reports for April 2020


1.      Property:

a) Refer Principal’s report

b) MenzShed will work with us to upgrade Colourful and also Wooden, including decommissioning unsafe A-frame structure

c) Need to work out what to spend our special grant of approx $50K on (to be spent in next 22 months). Need to give initial indication to MoE by 31 May

            d) Van to be repaired for accidental damage


2.      Personnel:

a) Refer Principal's report

b) Base school for student teacher cancelled, Mr Hawke was to be Associate Teacher


16. Health & Safety:

a) Refer Principal's report

b) Aaron Macdonald to be given the contract for repairing the sink hole in the paving next to the          Principal's office.

c) Fire exit door in Room 5 to be fixed to become compliant

d) Asbestos management plan still in process


17. Other Board administration:


a) Parent Trustee election. This will take place on 3 July for 4 Trustees. Julia is managing this process with Rachel.


b) Correspondence with and from the Board


c) Refer to for local training evenings or for eLearning modules.  All workbooks for courses now only available online.


d) NZSTA President and Board election voting – votes to be submitted by revised date of  28 May 2020


 18. Other business:

a) Minibus service to Tairua. Central pick-up and drop-off point?

b) Should a fee be charged for service?

c) Should this service still operate?

d) Overcrowding on Murphy bus?


19. Action items from previous meetings:                       

a.       25/2/19 – Murray to seek ideas from staff and students regarding what to include in 5YA funding. 25/3/19 – Ongoing. 20/5/19 – Ongoing. 24/6/19 – Ongoing. 19/8/19 – Ongoing. 04/11/19: Ongoing. 09/12/19 – Ongoing. 24/02/20 – Ongoing.

b.      24/6/19 – Murray to obtain a quote for installation of the swings. 19/8/19 – Ongoing. 04/11/19: Ongoing. 09/12/19 – Ongoing. 24/02/20 – Ongoing.

c.       04/11/19 – Julia/Sarah to set up separate account for School House maintenance. 09/12/19 – Ongoing. 24/02/20 – almost there, combined with item (t) below. Ongoing.

d.      04/11/19 - Murray to investigate the possibility of a local marae visit for the whole school. 09/12/19 – Ongoing. 24/02/20 – Ongoing. 24/02/20 – Ongoing.

e.       04/11/19 – Murray/Julia to check requirements and whether funding would be available for a manager for a bee-keeping scientific project should the school get some hives on-site. 09/12/19 – Ongoing. 24/02/20 – Ongoing. 24/02/20 – Ongoing.

a.       04/11/19 – Julia to ask Raydon to develop an itemised list of maintenance requirements for the School House and provide a quote to Murray and the Board. 09/12/19 – Ongoing. 24/02/20 – Ongoing.

b.      04/11/19 – Murray to design survey to focus on positive reinforcement. 09/12/19 – Ongoing. 24/02/20 – Ongoing. 24/02/20 – Ongoing.

c.       09/12/19 – Murray to check on what is meant by AKO TAHI. 24/02/20 – Ongoing.

d.      09/12/19 – Murray to prioritise the purchase of capital items. 24/02/20 – Ongoing.

e.       09/12/19 – Murray to check with Rachel on the amount of $2,000 for the school trip. 24/02/20 – Ongoing.

f.       09/12/19 – Murray to check on underspend on learning resources. 24/02/20 – Ongoing.

g.       24/02/20 – Murray to check school depreciation costs with Michelle.

h.      24/02/20 – Murray to circulate new ICT quotations, plus updated budget.

i.        24/02/20 – Sarah to get a quote from Taylor Roofing in Kopu and Mark Spiers Roofing for School House roof repairs/replacement, plus a time estimate to complete. 23/03 ongoing

j.        24/02/20 – Claire to investigate soaps for fundraising. – 23/03 Ongoing

k.      04/02/20 – Celia to get contacts for bulk kitchen consumables for fundraising.

l.        24/02/20 – Murray to include summary of non-escalated complaints to Board each meeting as part of Principal’s report.- ongoing

m.    24/02/20 – Claire to investigate NZSTA election and report back to the Board. – 23/03 Ongoing


20.               In committee items:



       Next meeting: 6pm, 15 June 2020


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