Welcome to Room 5

Room 5 is home to us, 18 awesome seniors (Years 6, 7 and 8) and we are led by our teacher who matches us in awesomosity -Mr Thomson! In fact, we owe a lot to Mr Thomson for making us who we are today both as a team and as individuals. He allows us to follow our passions and do much of our learning through activities and class sessions that actually mean something to us. We think he likes teaching this way as he is a very passionate person himself as no sane person would compete in a race where you had to ride non-stop around lake Taupo 8 times...but he did! Mr Thomson interacts with us like the young adults we are becoming and always treats us with respect but at the same time he also makes us think and work hard too. We know that for all these reasons, and more, that we are lucky to have him as our teacher, so as we do our best for ourselves we are also doing our best for him. 

Keeping up with Room 5

Room 5 are always busy, Mr Thomson see's to that. We are often working on our inquiry projects which is a great way to show that we are taking responsibility for our learning. Below are pictures that we will refresh often to show you just what has been happening in Room 5 and if you like what you see we suggest that you come in and experience it for yourself - you won't be disappointed.