Welcome to Room 3

Room 3 is our Junior School Classroom and is taught by our teacher Mrs Hunter. Mrs Hunter teaches years 0 - 2 and is an amazing, wonderful and kind teacher! She gives all of us in her class the start to schooling that Mums and Dads want for us. Because Mrs Hunter loves learning so much she passes the learning bug onto all of us and that's one bug we don't mind catching all year round! We are always enthusiastic, positive and happy but if we do ever feel sad Mrs Hunter is there to make us feel so much better.  Mrs Hunter has taught for a long time too so she knows lots of ways to make our learning fun and interesting. She is learning new way to make our classroom the best place to be 5 days a week....and that makes us feel good. You are more than welcome to come in and see us any time you like....just knock on the door and we'll welcome you into our family.

Keeping up with Room 3

We will be putting pictures of what we are doing in Room 3 over the course of the year here on this page. We will keep them fresh and up-to-date so that you can see a snap shot of our progress over the course of the year. Hope you enjoy.